About Us

The Sport Innovation Alliance is an open collaboration hub made by football clubs from different countries, to share ideas and synergies to define, execute and maintain a sustainable innovation process in each of the clubs.

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Current situation of most mid football clubs

About Technology

  • The budget is not big enough to extend and improve the scope of the technology in the club.
  • Fan engagement and sportive are the 2 most demanding areas of technology solutions.
  • The internal IT team has neither the knowledge, nor the skills to be updated with ongoing innovations.
  • The internal IT team don't have the knowledge to identify the best solutions which fit the club’s requirements.
  • In certain occasions the IT department has to cover organizations weakness regarding process and business indicators, above all, when a new area / feature / role is activated.
  • There are few companies and individuals with knowledge and experience to advise and support our IT staff, accompanying the club in the digital transformation process. Everybody know the theory but few know how to execute it.

About sponsorships

  • Every year is getting harder to attract brands as main sponsors of the clubs.
  • Clubs are looking more for international presence.
  • Mid clubs don't have important players with a relevant international presence, this is the main reason, attracting new brands is getting harder.
  • With the implementation of the new technology, new digital assets appears, but the way to sell them are very different from the traditional / offline assets, event the targeted companies are different.

What does the Sport Innovation Alliance to fix this situation?

About Technology: Objectives

The objective in the technology area is to maximize the resources of each club, that means, increment de number of technology solutions implemented with the same budget and team.

To maximize the resources, we have to: 


Reduce the costs of technology department.

  • Identify & share the best solutions that are already being used in each clubs.
  • Get advantageous economic conditions by making sales agreement with technology companies about best IT solutions already in the market.
  • Create new solutions sharing costs among different clubs. 


Get additional revenue to keep on maintaining and investing in new technology solutions.

  • Selling the solutions made by the SPORT INNOVATION ALLIANCE. Once the solution will be sold to other clubs, the sales margin will be shared among the clubs which have put the money to create the technology program.

About Sponsorship

The SPORT INNOVATION ALLIANCE can offer a different proposal to brands: a GLOCAL presence:


GLOCAL, it means GLOBAL / international, with clubs from different countries.



GLOCAL, but with a fan engagement so strong that only the club with a local fans community can deliver.



Organize events in the Clubs Stadiums, getting new revenue streams from them:

  • E-Sports tournaments.
  • Sports conferences.
  • Friendly matches.


The Innovation Hub will identify a pool of individuals, agencies and companies offering specific services around football clubs with presence in different countries. Services in areas as:

  • Digital Transformation projects.
  • Stadium projects: technical aspects around the remodeling and building stadium projects.
  • Marketing & sales area.
  • Sport area.